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I'm Zelma Pigozne, the creative mind behind Zelma Kraft. My passion for design started at a young age, where I would always be sketching and creating. As I grew older, my passion for design only intensified, and I knew that it was the path that I wanted to pursue.

My design philosophy centers around crafting simplicity and elegance. I believe that by creating minimalist products, I can add value to people's lives, making their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. I pour my soul into every piece I create, ensuring that each product reflects my unique creative sensibility and attention to detail.

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Zelma Kraft

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My Instagram: @zellme

Zelma Kraft Instagram: @zelmakraft

Publications and articles

  • "OK Latvia" magazine

    The most famous lifestyle magazine in the world

    No. 131 / January 2021

  • "Rēzeknes Vēstis" newspaper

    Sociable and Feminine


Limited Liability Company “ZEL&K” has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.