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General questions

How long does the bag last?

The lifetime of a genuine leather bag can be very long. Leather is a natural material, if properly cared for, the bag can become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.

Where are the products made?

The products are made in the Zelma Kraft workshop - Rezekne, where you are welcome to see how and where the products are made and meet Zelma personally.

What material are the bags made of?

Bags are made of high-quality leather. For the surface of the bag, cattle skins (cattle/calf, shell - top grain) are used, which is the most durable type of leather. The inside of the bag and the pockets use pigskin, which can be distinguished by its texture. Also, goatskin can be used in the details.

What to do if the purchased product begins to fall apart or the fittings break during use?

Contact us HERE. We carry out repairs at no additional cost.

Colorful collection

Which Colorful wallet to choose?

Three sizes are available:

  • Small wallet, size XXS - a small wallet suitable for a pocket or a small purse, which serves as a separate pocket - for cards, coins, keys, etc. for storing small things. As well as for storing customer cards.

  • Medium wallet, size XS - inside there are two additional pockets for placing cards and a large compartment in which the LV vehicle registration certificate can be placed.

  • Large wallet, size S - inside there are two additional pockets, where the LV vehicle registration certificate is placed in the further pocket. Open cash. Can be used as a small purse, instead of a pocket and a mini cosmetic purse

Can the handle of the bag support a lot of weight?

Bags are designed for use and maximum use. The handles are adjusted to ensure the functionality of the bag. In the Zelma Kraft product range, you can find bags in impressive sizes, where every element has been worked on and the most appropriate fittings have been found.

How to clean and care for a leather bag/accessory?

To maintain the leather material, we use the products intended for it.

The first thing to consider is the skin type of the product. Colorful bags are made of smooth leather - they can be wiped with a damp cloth, if necessary, use soapy water, which must be wiped thoroughly afterwards.

After washing the bag, the material should be smeared with a cream or wax intended for leather products and the bag should be allowed to dry at room temperature (do not dry near or on heaters/radiators). Do not use abrasives or cloths/sponges.

Saddle collection

What size shoulder bag is better to choose?

Saddle shoulder bags are available in three sizes - Small M size, Medium L size and Large XL size.

  • In the small bag you will be able to put everything you need - phone, wallet, lipstick and some other small things - for visiting the theater or a social event.

  • The medium-sized bag is suitable for everyday use, as it includes a planner. 0.5 water bottle, long wallet, as well as folded A4 format, or A5.

  • The large bag is roomy and fits in A4 format

How to clean and care for the Saddle matte bag?

The Saddle bag collection uses leather, the top layer of which changes with use, revealing the character (scratches, polishes) and identity of the bag and the wearer.

You can observe with your own eyes how the appearance of the bag changes, it becomes 'vintage style'.

If you want to restore the appearance of the bag, use a wax designed for leather material. Massage the wax evenly and gently into the top layer of the bag and let it soak in for 24 hours.

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